• L3-EOLES is a general English spoken e-learning third-year Bachelor degree (L3) for students (having already a L2 level corresponding to 120 ECTS) willing to move professionally towards the fields of electronics and optics.

    The training, entirely taught in English, allows students to improve substantially their English skills, nowadays an essential tool in the field of science.

    This online training (e-learning) using "eLearning 2.0" synchronous or asynchronous tools allows students to be part of a "virtual learning community" and so strengthen (among other things) their teamwork capacity.

    The main originality of L3-EOLES concerns the possibility given to the students, from an innovative remote laboratory, to carry out practical works on real equipment installed in different universities from anywhere with a good internet connection.

    This training has been created in the framework of a TEMPUS Project granted by the European commission.